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October 26th 2018 Breakfast

Speaker : Mike Baird

Speaker : Mike Baird

While it probably wasn’t the first time someone found themselves with a promotion after a fellow work mate ran into trouble with a bottle of wine, Mike Baird is surly the only one who can say a sneaky tipple is what thrust him in to the role of CEO of NSW.

As the accidental Premier, Mike Baird came as a refreshing change to NSW. His No-BS take on politics endeared him to the public, while reading out his own mean tweets on YouTube found him with fans amongst the generally cynical youth demographic.

He proved himself as the right man for the job as he navigated the mourning crowds in Martin Place following the Lindt Café Siege of Sydney with the kind of sensitivity and authenticity not usually found in politicians.

But then, Mike Baird never intended on being a career Politian. The goal always being to “get in, make a difference and get out”.

And get out is exactly what Baird did - on his own terms and on his own timing as he announced his shock retirement from politics in early 2017.  Shock of course to all but those in his inner circle, who understood that first and foremost, being available to his family was paramount to staying in the demanding role.  And demanding it was - there is no denying politics is a cruel mistress and the last year of his reign saw his nice-guy crown a little scuffed.

But you can’t keep a good guy down and his end game never changed - use his skills and position to make a difference.  So in April of 2017, after taking some time to reconnect with his nearest and dearest, Mike went back to his roots in the world of finance taking up the role of Chief Customer Officer of Corporate and Institutional Banking for the NAB.

With him, he took his own personal convictions and determination to make a contribution to the community in an industry not known for sending out warm fuzzies. But Mike, being a pretty warm and fuzzie guy himself, believes there is plenty of social good a private organisation can do, "If you went into the street and asked 10 people which was the first organisation to bring domestic violence leave into the country, I don't think you would get anyone to say the NAB”.

That’s a fair call - and one that Mike is hoping to change in his new role partly through the instant and personal reach of social media to tell “stories”.  Stories he says, of all those employees who make a difference to their communities and their customers.  He has never been more convinced about the power of individuals to talk about their passions and what drives them.  Meanwhile, the Pathfinders community is pleased to welcome Mike Baird as he joins us as the keynote speaker for the next Pathfinders Business Breakfast where we will hear his own current passions and what is driving him.


Upcoming Breakfast Details

Location: The Ivy Ballroom
Date: Friday, October 26th 2018
Time: 7:00 - 8:30am.  We suggest arrival from 6:45am so you have plenty of time to collect your name tag and find your seat!  

Cost: $80 for Single Registration & $750 for Table Registration. Includes breakfast!

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