Why engage with C3 Pathfinders?

Welcome to our C3 Pathfinders site. C3 Pathfinders is all about engaging business professionals in whatever sphere of influence they work in, to achieve a new level of inspiration and empowerment. This, we believe, then allows people to become a success not only within their chosen field, but in discovering the elements that make up the character of success; what it is, that drives good mangers to become great leaders.

Leadership today is more complex than it has ever been and being part of the Pathfinders team allows you to tap into various programs, thoughts, and events that can assist you in becoming the best possible professional or leader you can become. Pathfinder events include business breakfast sessions with some of Australia's leading business people, as well as sports men and women and senior political leaders. Our Masterclasses focus on specific "in demand” subjects. The high level of Q&A and general discussion within each class ensures participants leave with an improved comprehension not only of the subject matter, but also what it is they need to do in their own business, to take advantage of these innovations and/or disruptions that are happening daily in the marketplace.

 For those looking for mentoring our group provides a structured and well measured mentoring program. Mentees learn from experienced and successful business men and women and grow not only in terms of technical capability but also in personal awareness. Our final foundation stones are the well organised and focused business connect groups. These groups connect people from similar industries or professions in a casual environment which allows open and honest discussion around challenges, ideas and general issues they may be facing in the workplace. This roundtable, open style of engagement helps people to better crystallise issues they have and walk away with a better mind set in terms of how to approach and solve the challenge on hand.  

Leadership today is very much about authenticity; creating a strong personal platform, having a servant mentality and being resilient. Pathfinders helps you develop and grow these characteristics in a way that is not only practical, but also emotional and spiritual in nature.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Silvestro Morabito